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Anti-Blue Light Eye Glasses

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Eye Protection New Technology Mobile Glasses


  1. Rare crystal-anti-radiation and anti-fatigue

have the functions of preventing electromagnetic wave

radiation and preventing visual fatigue caused by long-term

viewing of mobile phones and computers and other

electronic products.


  1. Rare spar-releasing negative ions:

Natural negative ions released can absorb the positive ions generated by X-rays

emitted by computers and TV screens, and relieve eye fatigue.


  1. Rare spar-highly effective penetrating power, activating power, and metabolic power

The osmotic power, activating power, and metabolic power

of the “biological ion light wave” in the spar crystal can

penetrate the deep layer of the skin up to 9 millimeters,

so that the acupuncture points are generated.

High-frequency micro-radiation activates basal cells and

deep sleep cells, strengthens elastic fibers, smoothes

eye wrinkles, accelerates facial blood flow, and expels

some shocked necrotic cells from the body.


  1. Rare spar—stimulate 8 points around the eye:

Activate meridian cavities, fish waist points, zhuzhu points,

Qingming points, Chengwei points, Sibai points,

Hitomi points, temples, etc. through meridian stimulation

Large acupoints strengthen the anti-myopia effect.


  1. Rare spar: It is a composite system of three systems:

Prevention of myopia, improvement of naked eyesight,

automatic hyperopia, focusing sensitivity meter, and

automatic hyperopia, focusing sensitivity meter, and

activation of visual cells. The addition of a visual cell

activation system (which can reduce the sensitivity of

myopic visual signals and improve the sensitivity of

hyperopic visual signals) can significantly improve the

naked eye vision of mild to moderate myopia, reduce

the degree of mild myopia, prevent the development

of myopia, or improve Instrument for visually impaired vision.


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