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HD Vision Night Glasses

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Specially Coated HD Glasses for Night Driving
– Great for any weather
– Reduces eyestrain
– Light weighted
– 100% UVA & UVB protection

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There is no need to be annoyed because of the other vehicle headlight glare anymore; the anti-glare night driving glasses is the answer. The anti-glare night driving glasses make driving at night easier and more comfortable. The glare from other car headlight can cause few seconds blindness while driving at night, so it is recommended that we protect our eyes. It does not matter if you are experience or new driver; those with sensitive eyes need to protect it.

– Protects the eye
– Reduce vehicle headlight glare
– Eco friendly
– Portable and easy to carry
– UV400 Protection
– Contrast Improvement
– Superior Construction
– 100% Protection from UVA & UVB rays
– Scratch resistant lenses
– Polarized, Great for night and day;
– Aviator style glasses

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